Returns or exchanges must be made according to that retailers return policy. 16-18" tall, 1953 Rosebud doll, 13, 15, 16-18" or 22-25" tall, vinyl flange head, cloth body with crier, vinyl to present. Please contact the store from which you purchased the item. Usually doll marked ALEXANDER. Madame Alexander Kindness Club Happy Hearts Outfit Set for 14-Inch Kindness Club Doll. Check out the next section for a detailed explanation of these factors. Legendary Dolls of Madame Alexander. You can also find online doll appraisals for a fee. She created these dolls in great numbers, and they imitated living people. (MA here stands for Madame Alexander). 1970s+ MA You cant find any doll with this level of detailing existing, especially at the period madame alexander rolled them out to the market. Gold Horse Publishing, 1996. all rights reserved including photos & content. Sometimes that is the best identification that can be made unless another researcher or collector has found the doll previously in its original packaging with the doll's name and has published the information. Frederick, MD: Hobby House Press, 1979. For Sale | Forum | Online auction and antique sites are a great resource! Please contact our sales team at, or call 833-623-2632 (833-MADAME A) for more information. Welcome to this Madame Alexander dolls group! Also, Collectors seek out Madame Alexander dolls because of their unique characteristics, including composite bodies, painted features, and distinctive face molds. Whether youre wondering if youre sitting on a goldmine, or looking to hit the jackpot on the local estate sale circuit, here are the Madame Alexander dolls that are most in demand among collectors today. These dolls sell between $100- $500. Lets check below for how these dolls evolved over the years and became the phenomenon they are now. Knowing how to find the value of collectibles i, Antique Doll Accessories for Miniature Fashion Fun, If you are an antique doll collector or simply want to dress a special doll in a complete, historically-accurate outfit, it helps to know a bit about antique doll accessories. And if your vintage Madame Alexanders comps are high, a pro can sell her for you quickly (standard offers tend to be 40 to 60 percent of the estimated resale value). 1966 Gainsborough (several gowns), Godey (several doll, has vinyl head with rooted or lightly painted molded hair, sleep eyes, 1962-present 1948-1949 You must endeavor as much as possible that all the important parts of your item (by important, we mostly mean all) are complete and not ill-shaped. Finnegan, Stephanie. Many factors make Vintage Madame Alexander Dolls very valuable, and well be checking them out below. Market prices often are skewed by individuals attempting to buy back a childhood doll and willing to pay whatever it takes to acquire it. This became the trade name for her dolls. angel wings and gold halo, dolls marked How tall was the Madame Alexander Ballerina Doll? The latter contracts with Madame Alexander for limited edition dolls. Elizabeth II 1953, both are 18" tall. In this section, well show you places you can sell and how to sell your old Madame Alexander dolls and make significant returns. In the case of newly released Madame Alexander dolls, it's the selling price in a department store, toy store, or other type of retail outlet. She founded the Alexander Doll Company in 1923. Dolls can be unmarked or marked: MmM Madame Alexander Dolls 1948-1960s. Alexander 1958. WorthPoint is the largest resource online for identifying, researching and valuing antiques. They were all adorned in attires made by the same British mill that made the original royal coronation mantles. The Scarlett OHara doll, a character from Gonewith the Winds, is Madame Alexanders personal favorite, and theyre quite rare. Cloth dolls were unmarked. of Music Dolls, 8-12" tall, vinyl dolls with rooted Madame Alexander. How to Identify Antique Dolls and Their Values. gowns. VTG Madame Alexander Doll 8" Netherlands #591 Original Box Wooden Shoes - NOS. Cissy lent her likeness to an array of muses, from red-headed brides to tulle ballgown-clad debutantes. Forum | Doll We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we back. MA dolls are known for their grand and over-the-top attires; this doll wore a blue heavy satin dress with cap sleeves, synched at the waist and complete with a wide flared skirt and trimmed with silver metallic braid accents embellished with rhinestones. If the markings contain the name of a doll manufacturer, you are halfway there! We are not able to accept returns or exchanges on behalf of another retailer. By 1929, Alexander billed herself as Madame Alexander. You need to seek the help and opinions of a qualified appraiser to know which Madame Alexander dolls are valuable. They are marked withMme Alexander or Alex at the top of the neck. Elise is shown wearing a $98.00 New. Follow the steps below to identify these wonderful dolls. Some rare vintage Madame Alexander dolls have already been discussed in a preceding section of this article. Visit our For Retailers page to leave us a note. Alexander's firm profited during the Depression by licensing entertainment properties such as Alice in Wonderland and Gone with the Wind. rooted hair, sleep eyes, real eyelashes, open mouth, wearing Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Madame Alexanders dad owned a doll hospital which gave her first-hand access to the interesting world of dolls, their parts, and how to fix them. Specifically, the various iterations of 'Cissy'--America's first fashion doll ever released-- - sell the quickest and for the highest amounts. Doll Values' Madame Alexander page starts by listing the most recent dolls added to it. Value isn't a solitary thing; as is the case with most antiques and collectibles, there are several different ways to communicate and evaluate value. is glued on the head and the Binnie Walker doll has rooted hair Members of the Madame Alexander Doll Club enjoy exclusive dolls, special events, The Review (a quarterly magazine), friendship and more. The Cissy dolls had tiny hat boxes attached to their wrists during points of sale and were marked Madame Alexander, New York. Not every one of these dolls is as sought after by collectors as some, and Madame Alexander dolls' values are highly dependent on a few, significant, factors. Many dolls such as Sonja Henie and Jane Withers For more information, see Doll References Alexander Doll Marks.. The information accrued below is sourced from verified platforms and the most recent sales. $67.15. Sometimes when dolls are removed from their packaging, their vinyl will produce a noticeable new smell, which is completely harmless. Champ Elyses wore a gleaming ash-blonde wig with brief bangs swept up to expose a flow of curls at her scruff with black lace and rhinestone coronet accessories. Explore over 425 Million sold for prices with item details and images. Madame Alexanders cloth baby dolls are what put founder Beatrice Alexander Behrman on the map when she started her company in 1923. The doll wears a white Alencon embroidered lace and satin tulle skirt with an accent of rhinestones and chunky silk flowers in a repeated sequence. Gaskill, Cynthia. Have patience while the page loads; the photos are worth the wait. For yard sales, its easy to gather a crowd because theyre familiar people in your area and neighborhood. white formal, the 18" doll came in a sailor suit or chambray If you have, you certainly are not alone. Meet Madame Alexander: The Mother of Modern Doll Play. Short curly wig, sleep eyes, hard plastic jointed face mold. Celluloid dolls can vary in size from only an inch or two tall to as large as 30 inches for large Japanese celluloid baby or toddler dolls. Margaret face molds are usually marked: Alexander or Alex. Monday, March 12, 2012. . a bent right leg, came wearing an elaborate blue gown with wide lace down sides. 1959 13. Alexander dolls offer the collector a wide variety of doll sizes and styles in many different materials. The composition dolls included material made from a sawdust-based composite popular among dollmakers before the introduction of hard plastic, which made it extinct. One of Madame Alexander's most iconic tie-in series was its collection of Gone with the Wind dolls. Well also include a detailed rundown of the rarest and most valuable MA vintage dolls. Like their aim to promote a kinder world, these dolls have helped parents raise excellent kids. with company name. Vintage 1960s Alice Madame Alexander doll. You can find a variety of dolls from the latter-half of the 20th century available online, and those in a relatively good condition, they usually sell for around $50, with lesser desirable dolls from the period selling for less. MA created dolls to commemorate Queen Elizabeths coronation, the return of the US troops from Operation Desert Storm, and the movies debut. 1951 Alexander Cherub dolls, 10 or 12" tall, vinyl head with molded 1923-1947 Usually, dolls made after 1890 or 1891 are marked with the country of origin. outfit. In 1935 Alexander Marionette dolls featured Disney licenses or designs by Tony Sarg. (2) $16.85 New. The Madame Alexander Doll Company; this company that manufactured collectible dolls in America was established in 1923 by Miss Beatrice Alexander, a woman of Jewish descent residing in New York. courtesy of shpysgirl of the 21" Coco doll from 1966. Check costume areas around jewelry to make certain there are no stains and look carefully at the hair to make certain it has not been replaced. gown in purple satin with sequin trim on the neckline, and all hard plastic with jointed knees, the larger size is arms with straight chubby legs, doll marked Madame Alexander. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013. Alexander, Alexander Dolls 1923-1947 Vintage Madame Alexander (149) Vintage and Modern Cissy (35) 1970- today Madame Alexander (972) Wizard of Oz (41) (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The Alexander Doll Company was founded in 1923, is still in operation People place much value on hard to come by or hard-to-find things. Stuffy and Nat use the Maggie Antique dolls such as Armand Marseille or Simon and Halbig may also be clearly identified on the back of a doll's head, but this is not the case for most antique dolls. 1961-1962 Doll shown in photo is all pristine and original The arms and legs are hard and a cloth body. brows, sleep eyes, smiling mouth usually marked: MME ALEXANDER. Thus, dolls that come with their boxes, identifying tags, or original clothing can be authenticated much more easily and because of this, they're much more valuable to doll collectors. The dolls from this collection were the pioneer plastic set. ALEXANDER. hair, marked on head: ALEX or ALEXANDER on back MmM. series. Was: $79.00. First and tall among these factors is the history attached to these dolls. The Scarlett OHara doll continued this year, and it even featured more colors, modified outfits, and additional accessories. Get DIY project ideas and easy-to-follow crafts to help you spruce up your space. Other times, photos and the characteristics that you found when you examined the doll will help you determine which doll you have. These dolls sell between $100- $500. 14" tall, all hard plastic, jointed body,wigged, sleep eyes with real Then they check if it has ever been removed from the box, how readily available your dolls are, the condition of the doll and its box, the demand for your collectible, and their current inventory on that item (whether theyre out of the model or not). did not have the Alexander. Sometimes the markings alone will tell you which doll you have (such as AM 390 = Armand Marseille, Mold #390). 1950 Cinderella doll, Prince Charming doll 14", 1951 Four leaf clover in metallic turquoise with Madame / Alexander / Dolls inside. Discover how much they're worth so you can store them appropriately. The variety rests with the costuming. Crissy, Madame Alexanders first fashion doll, was launched in 1955. She trademarked the name "Madame Alexander" in 1928 and began referring to herself as Madame Alexander. Box ONLY for Madame Alexander Lively Kitten Style 8060 Alexander Doll Company. plastic jointed toddler body, crier, vinyl head with short Ballerina, Beauty Queen, Bride, Casual dress, Formal dress, Gibson 1997-1998 Coco was Alexander Maggie Early Alexander doll label Alexander Walking ADCo Talking Dolls New York. However, a particular model 6018 launched in 1951 sold for $25,000. With a B.S. Usually marked: ALEXANDER 1966. 13.5 inches in total height. Madame Alexander Doll Values: What Are They Worth? Take note that the specificity of this list shouldnt discourage you from seeking out other lucrative secondary market opportunities. While a beautiful dre, Old Winchester Rifles to Add to Your Gun Collection, When people think of firearms, there are a few names that immediately come to mind, and Winchester is one of the first. Do you buy dolls? Are you able to assist with a donation? A widely desired item attracts huge value. face mold. Make sure to do your background check about prices and every other factor involved in buying and selling these dolls. Use online doll catalogues and antique doll books to identify various Madame Alexander dolls. Dollsvalues.comis your go-to place for this. Marie Antoniette Doll from the Portrait Series, Mystery Series Champ-Elysees Portrait Doll, Copyright 2023 Valuable Antique Detector, The Evolution of Vintage Madame Alexander Dolls, 5 Rare And Most Valuable Vintage Madame Alexander Dolls, 2. The rare Cissy doll is from the A Childs Dream Come True series, which debuted in 1955. Can I return it to you? Product Information. Finally, check head and body seems for splitting, a common problem with Crissy dolls. Many reference books will list marks in an appendix, alphabetized or in numerical order. Please always be kind and courteous. For contemporary MA dolls, long-range inclusivity is their watchword; even Disney characters made their debut in the companys toy world. Doll Reference. Doll Reference. heel feet, came dressed in several different outfits. gowns), plus many other dolls. Concentrating on Cissy, Lissy, Cissette, Alexander-Kins, Little Genius, and Elise, this book continues the theme of the late Patricia Smith's Encyclopedia of Madame Alexander Dolls, 1965-1990, which was a great seller for many years. 7 Avon Collectible Bottles Worth Thrifting. Margaret face mold usually marked: Marks | Vintage and Collectible Barbie Doll Values, Since some of the most coveted and valuable Barbies can go for thousands of dollars at auction, it's important to understand vintage Barbie doll values if you're considering buying or selling old B, How Much Are My Collectibles Worth? e-stores like eBay,RubyLane, Etsy, and a host of others have a library of vintage Madame Alexander dolls for sale at different prices to fit into individual budgets. founded in 1923 is still in. Limited editions and rare models can cost as much as $20,000. mouth, more than thirty dolls used this face mold over the years, including 21" Beatrice Alexander grew up in her stepfathers doll hospital located in Manhattans Lower East Side. plastic with vinyl arms, jointed at the neck, shoulders, hips Sit back, relax and soak up this insightful read on Madame Alexanders collectible dolls and their impeccable history of quality and compassion. Of course, Cissy dolls weren't the only ones produced during the 1950s, with other entertainment tie-in dolls and fashion dolls finding their way onto America's shelves. Early MA dolls range between 6-8 inches. All rights reserved. Characters from Little Women, Heidi, Mary Queen of Scots Portrait Doll, and Pussycat are other popular dolls. Trademarks are proof of validity and authenticity for Madame Alexander dolls. has heavier makeup, hard plastic, rooted hair, sleep eyes, Many However, do note that not all MA dolls are inscribed; you can locate other company marks at their hairline, feet, soles, and back. Without a doubt, they have maintained a reputation of exquisite quality and smooth craftsmanship. Alessandra Marcellan Thor, reproduction antique dolls Alexander dolls, see Madame Alexander Her facial features are hand-painted, and they include a bright colored eyeshadow and rich red lips, an extended eyelash with a distinct rhinestone beauty mark spotted on the left cheek. How can I contact you? Members of the Madame Alexander Doll Club enjoy exclusive dolls, special events, The Review (a quarterly magazine), friendship and more. 1968-1973 knees, high heel feet, sleep eyes and wigged, the Cissy head mold was used on some earlier Clothing should have a tag with the characters name and Madame Alexander, New York, USA sewn in the seam. (1963), hard Ensure to join them. Cumberland, MD: Hobby House Press, 2003. hair; Friedrich, Gretl, Marta, Brigitta, Louisa, Liesl white satin coat, pearl earrings. To search for the current doll values, you simply input a keyword pertaining to the doll, its name, or part of the doll's box number. Hearst Magazine Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Alexander doll mark Pat. Caroline Kennedy, 15" tall, five piece jointed hard Alexander Lissy doll, 11 1/2-12" tall, hard plastic, sleep eyes, The production of MadameAlexander dolls also cut across international borders as there arevarious adaptations of popular European characters. on a a vinyl skull cap. Doll Reference Copyright 2004 - 2023 Oddly, people tend to pay high for dolls exhibiting visible signs of wear, aging, and even some specks of old dust!. ages, they are located in New York, NY USA. Vintage Madame Alexander Dolls from the 1940s and 1950s are extremely valuable and highly sought after. How do you identify a Madame Alexander Doll? unmarked or marked ALEX. Wikipedia. Madame Alexander Fairy Godmother Doll, Vintage 1980's 14" doll, #1550 blonde hair pink and silver dress, Complete except hat and box (5) $18.00 Vintage 8" Portugal Madame Alexander Doll #585 DISNEYLAND NIB Never Displayed! An important resale guideline, if your doll is not in its original packaging: "Cleaning is not recommended," says Hunter. attire. The company exhibited these sets at Abraham and Straussdepartment store in New York. Many Madame Alexander dolls have the Madame Alexander signature sewed into the hairline, nape of the neck or clothing label. Its strongly advisable to leave your vintage MA doll if its not in the original packaging. dressed in #900 basic doll in a chemise. First, theyll check if your doll is in the original package. The markings either say "Mme. Doll series; 10-14" tall; shown left to right: Michael, Peter Pan, At the time, porcelain dolls were the thing but also prone to breakage so when Madames cloth characters came to market it was a game-changer. Photo's courtesy of rabmlt. ALEXANDER. Usually marked: ALEXANDER 1966 . Where can I purchase Madame Alexander dolls? By the 1960s, the company had added several Disney characters to the lineup, including Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty, and Pollyanna. Related Dictionary Pages: Armand Marseille Dolls, Arranbee Doll Company, A Schoenhut Company /Schoenhut Piano Company / O. Schoenhut, Inc.. 2023 - WorthPoint Corporation | 5 Concourse Parkway NE, Suite 2900. Alexanders firm profited during the Depression by licensing entertainment properties such as Alice in Wonderland and Gone with the Wind. doll. Alexander Doll Company. Below you will find some of Alexander's markings, patent numbers and doll labels that we have found. doll, 13", 1954-1994 different outfits and as shown, some were matching to Cissy's In 1923, Madame Beatrice Alexander, a true American original, founded the Alexander Doll Company that would revolutionize the doll industry. The Madame Alexander company hung its boots and was sold to Kahn Lucas, who owns the Dollie and Me toy company, in 2012. were going to check out the difference between the earliest models and the most recent production. $8.65 shipping. 1/2 - 8" tall, use the Wendy face mold. Our website presents the most current collection of dolls. or Best Offer. Doll will be marked like the Cissette By 1970, the Nutcracker dollcame into existence, with rich dark hair, forehead bangs, and bright tangerine-colored lips. Items in thrift shops are often pre-owned and used. For this site, you can sell in two ways; by bringing them in yourself after making a due appointment, or you can decide to mail them in if distance poses a problem. Only 1 left in stock (more on the way). There is also a Prince Phillip 1950 and Queen There were more changes in ownership. molded short curly hair, wigged or rooted hair, sleep eyes, closed mouth, Madame Alexander Doll Company is an American manufacturer of collectible dolls, founded in 1923 by Beatrice Alexander in New York City. They created many firsts in the industry and have maintained a steady celestial state amongst all and sundry. One of the most important things you must observe is the ever-fluctuating principles of demand and supply concerning the current doll sphere and how they affect the values of Alexander dolls. Her name was Cissy, and she would forever change the way children and the doll industry looked at dolls. Usually marked: ALEXANDER. Cissy appeared in many sub-models like red-headed brides and debutantes dressed in tulle ball gowns. hard plastic jointed body, wigged; the Winnie Walker doll has a wig that Madame Alexander dolls can range from $100 to $30,000, especially the earliest models AKA the classics. It started as a pen pal club where the members exchanged information through letters. I purchased one of your items from another retailer. casual attire, riding outfit, and several evening hundreds of outfits produced for her. wig. You may want to consider visiting one of our retailers or conducting an online search for the doll. Beatrice Alexander was inducted into the Toy Industry Hall of Fame in 2000. Doll Values. face mold, sleep eyes, closed mouth, wigged (her's is a fancy floss gowns), This knowledge helped her build some of the worlds most delicately and skillfully crafted dolls that displayed high-end design with 100% attention to every detail. (87) $50.00. day dress. Usually marked: ALEXANDER. Doll Face Molds 1952 Alexander Snow White doll, 14 or 18" [2] Shaw, Kiley. There is also a doll replica of Madame Alexander herself. 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Kids could learn and get familiar with these humans and what they represent while having the healthiest and simplest form. open mouth for a bottle, with a plastic five piece jointed body, slightly curved 14-20", white cloth and vinyl or 14" black doll in cloth and eyelashes, closed mouth. mold. 19 copyright 58 ALEXANDER. One of the advantages of auctions is the healthy competition among buyers and bidding. in a Here are some general steps to follow that may help you identify the name and/or manufacturer of a doll. jointed body, dressed in We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we back. Zodiac Gemini Twins Madame Alexander Dolls Box . If these are missing it is difficult to determine the exact name of the doll. A good doll identification guide will always help, as will a magnifying glass. Where are your dolls made? Dolls series include Fairy Tale Sisters, Storybook, The First Ladies of the United States, and The Opera. People are all over them on eBay. Dolls For Sale | Both used the Cissy face mold so or Best Offer. celebrity doll, actress and upper lashes, closed mouth, has a bent right leg, came with a Most of these dolls will be clearly marked on their back or head with an Alexander marking and clothing tags usually give the They rolled out about 36 detailed sets of dolls, including the royal family characters, the royal guards, pages, choristers, and archbishops. Marvel Madame Alexander Collection Fan Girl Captain America 14 Inch. They also feature a plastic head and come in a variety of styles. 14 or 21" tall, hard plastic, sleep eyes, brown wig, high Alexander. Overall excellent vintage. hair, blue sleep eyes, multi-stroke brows, real upper lashes, closed mouth, has Find the Value of your Alexander Dolls. Yay, its .css-1me6ynq{-webkit-text-decoration:underline;text-decoration:underline;text-decoration-thickness:0.0625rem;text-decoration-color:#125C68;text-underline-offset:0.25rem;color:#125C68;-webkit-transition:all 0.3s ease-in-out;transition:all 0.3s ease-in-out;}.css-1me6ynq:hover{color:#595959;text-decoration-color:#595959;}yard sale and flea market season! Madame Alexander Princess Elizabeth McGuffy Ana 15"Compo. She sold the company in 1988. My doll has an odor. hair, sleep eyes, closed mouth, dressed in a romper, bride, groom, girl's dress Oval insider of which is Mme. Alice in Wonderland. body, sleep eyes with a double set of eyelashes, wigged, closed mouth, dressed in a pale beige strapless How to Determine Your Porcelain Doll's Value, Researching Antiques and Collectibles on the Internet, How to Tell If You Have a Vintage 1966 Barbie Doll, Uncirculated Coins and How to Identify Them, Sacagawea Dollar Key Dates, Rarities and Varieties, 8 Free Crochet Barbie and Doll Clothes Patterns, Organizing Your Doll Collection and Displaying Your Dolls, A Handy Price Guide for Your Antique Dolls, Special Tips for Restoration of Barbie and Other Plastic Dolls. | Glossary | Dolls found on this page are the beginning of the hard plastic era 1948 on into 2002-2023 LoveToKnow Media. A strong feature of these characters is historically accurate garments, accessories, and hairstyles. 15 Most Valuable Cameos (& How to Tell if Yours Has Value). shelby county, iowa land records,